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Having A Fundraiser?

Maybe We Can Help

We’ve helped many non profit groups raise as much as $15,000 at there events.  You can customize your event or let us help you plan it.

Popular Fundraising Package’s

Taco Feed

$4 Per Person including pop and coffee plus tax and tip.

We recommended you charge between $10 – $15 Per Person for a profit of $6 – $11 Per Person Buffet style tacos with all the fixings prepared, set up and taken down by us.

Beer Bust

$115 Per Keg plus tax and tip, Includes cups, staff to serve the beer and cleanup.

We recommend charging between $10 – $15 Per Person, the average kegs needed for 100 people is 1-3 for an average profit of $750.00for every $100 people you have at the event.  Most fundraisers will just have us keep track of the kegs when the event starts and count them when it is over

Taco Feed & Beer Bust Together

When combining both you can leverage better deals.  You might want to charge $12 For a taco buffet, $15 for 3 hours worth of bottomless beer and if they want them both you can give them $5 off.

Advanced Tickets

Selling advanced tickets is beneficial in several ways, the main benefit is that some of your friends might not be able to go to the event but they want to contribute.  These friends will usually donate there money by buying a ticket.  If your an organization with 10 people organizing the event you could tell everyone to sell just 10 advanced tickets.  Now you have 100 sold and have the money before the event.

Silent Auction or Raffle

These are great ways to make the most money at your fundraiser, to do a raffle you need a non profit license, you can get more information at the Minnesota Gambling Control Board

Running a silent auction takes a lot of effort but is well worth it in the long run.  Here is a site with some tips to running a successful silent auction

Call Bill and see if you qualify for a fundraising event at Jerseys.

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