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B52 Burgers And Brew

B52 Burgers And Brew makes it’s debut.


Because this is an old post we did an update on B52 Burgers And Brew Here.

As Baja Sol closes its doors, Majors Sports Cafe in Inver Grove Heights is changing it’s brand and re opening as B52 Burgers And Brew.  I’m not sure what the menu will consist of yet but i think I’ll take a gander up there and try a burger, I’m assuming they will have a bunch of those on the menu.

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Majors has been at that location ever since the Damons closed down years ago. I remember the newspaper article how the book keeper stole around $300,000 – $400,000 from them. I guess she or he had a gambling problem, looks like they win at Treasure Island at Damon’s expense. I just don’t know how a major corporation like Damon’s didn’t have a someone taking a second look at the books. If your from B52 Burgers And Brew make sure your book keeper was never affiliated with the Damon’s restaurants, lol

The logo of B52 Burgers And Brew actually reminds me of our logo from our Red Bull Flugtag Plane, we replicated the B25 bomber for the contest and as you might already know we broke the World Record with a lot of help from our friends at Wipaire. With that said, we like the logo.

As far as burgers go, I think B 52 Burgers And Brew will do good, I do like to sneak away from time to time and try new restaurants, so ya might see me up there.

Our burgers and Jersey Juicy Lucys have gone through a major upgrade, we now order our ground beef and steaks from The Beef House Quality Meats. The farm is all organic, all black Angus Cows and the steaks will be all prime cuts of beef. Because they are local, the meat will be extremely fresh and I love the fact there will be no additives and fillers.

We’ve recently re-done our menu and now have 5 different juicy lucy burgers, along with 10 other mouth watering burgers you’ll love. Check our our menu page to see for yourself.

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6449 Concord Blvd, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076